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2010-04-05 - 11:25 p.m.

Crazyshady wrote:

A mong? Pfft they used that when i was at school. Is that the best you can do? This Eric Bischoff fan, this Bret Hart fan that you appear to be is that really the best you can do? Your a 25 year old joke. You always think your funny with your comments but your not funny, your embaressing. People laugh at you. Everyone in this forum is laughing at you. Even when they see that someone has used the words 'hitman hart' in their username it automatically gets a good belly laugh. Is that what you like? You like Bret Hart? You like his gelled hair? His big shiny glasses? Is that cool to you? Is that what you wanna be like Ian, you wanna be like your idol Bret Hart with a little bit of Eric Bischoffs patter thrown for good measure. Your like neither. I bet that is you in your profile picture. A big 25 year old man with a childs mexican wrestler mask on lol. Aww well done Ian.

*wipes tear from eye*

You do make us laugh.


Aww Ian edits his post again. Listen? No sorry this is the internet and this is a forum, sound is not a part of it so please stop talking to your monitor because i can't hear you. We can't hear your voice Ian. Really clutching at straws now aren't you. Look at you. Your nothing special are you. Underneath all the smart remarks and attempts to insult people your really just bland and boring. I feel quite sad now. I feel as if i've bullied someone who can't defend themselves. I really do feel bad now because i thought well at least its Ianthehitmanhart. Not just any old Ian. Not just your average Ian walking the street but IAN THE HITMAN HART! This Ian is something special. He's really gonna put me in my place....but no it hasn't happened.

I'm sure tonight will pass and tomorrow you will conveniantly try and slip back to your old ways of insulting people and making ludicrous comments here in UKFF but hopefully people will realise what a sad little 25 year old man you really are and won't react to you. Maybe they will do the wise thing, sit back and have a right good laugh AT you.



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